Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Pink Christmas Tree

Usually our Christmas tree is overloaded with ornaments from my childhood, from MP1's and MP2's childhoods (including some pretty cute items they made in preschool), and from our many years of travel and collecting. But this year, it's a Martha Stewart Christmas at my house (except for for the cute little acorns that were made by a different company).

I was worried that I wouldn't like the pink or might miss the traditional ornaments (I did pull out a few, after all), but I kind of like the calming influence of the pink and green. If you look really closely you can see the little tiny acorn ornaments.

These are a couple of the little sisal trees (above) that are part of the same line of ornaments; the matching wreaths are below.

And finally, check out these cute little pinecone garlands. At our multi-department party the other night, someone actually asked if I had strung them. WHAT???!!! If I ever again have that kind of "free" time, I am going to use it to read a lust-in-the-dust novel.

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Academic poser- said...

I love Martha Stewart. It's sick, I know.