Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Cards

They're done; they won't reach anyone before Christmas, but who cares--certainly not my relatives or friends. I'm beginning to think there may be something to living in the middle of nowhere doing no-thing. Walk the dog in the morning and at night, garden, write a novel or some completely lame book that people will actually buy (i.e. it wouldn't be academic, but would be a compendium of things like--oh, dumb phrases that students write in term papers--like the these). My mom is flying in from Texas. She was supposed to get here yesterday, but delayed her flight (this is typical for her). But she IS on the plane today, so that's excellent. I wish she would just move out here, especially now that the bottom has dropped totally out of the housing market. I'm serious about the book thing. Write me if you've got a good idea for a book I can make money on, because I know my research only COSTS money, it is NOT going to make me any $.

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