Thursday, December 6, 2007

Countdown to Winter Break

So much for trying to blog twice a week. The semester is just barreling to a close. Unfortunately, I still have SO much work to do--a party to throw, 4 more teaching days to get through, finals and term papers to grade and a zillion and one letters of recommendation to write. Hmmm...high and lowlights from the past month, in reverse chronological order.


7. And finally (remember I'm writing from the bottom up), last night, we took the first step toward review of our job applicants by culling out the non-anthros. We have an EXCELLENT pool, so we can start formal review once our dean sprinkles the holy water on it.

6. Took MP1 out for some serious retail therapy (I was the patient; I've been reading tenure files, after all) following our traditional Sunday morning breakfast out. I'm not yet "recovered," and let's be clear, this may NEVER happen--so I will probably have to go out again this weekend.
* *
5. Had my first experience being trapped in an elevator. It went all the way up to our floor, dropped about 2 feet and jammed. Fortunately it was just two of us (coming out of the meeting mentioned below). No problem, I had my cell phone--DEAD. My colleague used the emergency phone in the elevator and we waited. Meanwhile, I also powered up my ALMOST dead laptop and sent my Dept. Chair an email telling him where the two of us were. We were freed before he read it. As our secretary said, what was I thinking, emailing him instead of her? She has finally landed a new position, with a raise, in a department that has more staff. She'll be happier. I am happy for her.

4. Held the first meeting for the search committee I am chairing. That went really well I think because 1) I was doubly-prepared and 2) I have decent colleagues on the committee. Also closed the exhibit till February (when it reopens for a brief run).

3. Finished the damned article I've been working on for the past 4 months while ALSO trying to get an exhibit up and running. It's out for peer review and I hope to not see those 38 pp. and/or requests for revisions until late January.

2. Got to see MP2 over Thanksgiving Break...had a scrumptious meal cooked and served by a mother/daughter duo, meaning I could keep writing straight through the 4-day break, and through my birthday, upon which I turned 3, as my cake (below) reveals. MP1 knows how to order absolutely excellent cakes!

1. Completed the research for a paper I've been cobbling together for about 2 years, wrote it up in long and short version, the latter of which I presented at a conference in late October. Over break maybe I'll get that in shape to send off for review.

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