Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Shopping Recovery...

So, mr. guest curator and I spent 6 (count 'em, six) hours at the antique market on Sunday (8:40- 3:15) looking for more material for the exhibit. In particular, we needed a vintage (and affordable) kitchen cupboard in which to stage our Indian in the Cupboard component. Happily, we found the perfect one, which then would not fit in the backseat, as we had hoped, so I hauled it to B's house in the back of MP1's car, with half of it hanging out over the open road. Of course, we had no tie-downs, red flags, nothing. I drove the back streets with the flashers on and prayed no police would happen upon us. Luckily, we made the trip in record time and sans ticket.

Having looked for a suitable cupboard for about two weeks (in about 7 different spots), I am now much less stressed and super happy that we actually landed one that is so ideal. Check out those cute handles. Can't you just see that in your granny's house back in the 50s or 60s? What? You weren't yet born? Go away.

Naturally, I just had to see how well it was going to work as an actual display component, so I loaded in the Calumet Baking Powder can (also purchased on Sunday--along with about 16 other times) and B. brought one of his Indian plates out of the house and propped it up behind. Of course we will have lots more in there, but I think its a winning concept.

Meanwhile, I'm just about done with my reading (about 25 more pp. to finish up tonight), have mocked up two of my syllabi, met with one grad student yesterday for coffee, another (wannabe) grad student yesterday for lunch, and just got done advising a brand new one here in my incredibly messy house--oh well. As I say every single August, I just need ONE more *$&^@*#- month of summer!

On the good news front, MP1 and FH are home from Europe as of about 5 minutes ago. Their flight from Austria to Atlanta was forced to circle the airport for a while (the tropical storm on the Gulf Coast playing havoc with the air traffic) and then the pilot came over the intercom and announced that they were running out of fuel and would have to land in Knoxville, TN for refueling (I quote: "a really dinky airport"). After a while, they were in the air and headed back to Atlanta (where they were finally allowed to land). From there, she goes to Indiana where FH will be in grad school, and finally back here next Thursday nite (by which time I will have written at least 15 pp. and cleaned up this incredibly messy house). Oh, and we've decided we need a beach house if we are to survive here much longer. Hmmm.

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