Friday, August 24, 2007

Good-bye, Maxima

I guess this is the week of saying "good-bye." Good-bye to the college kid, good-bye to the summer (this is clearly THE worst of the good-byes) and finally, good-bye to the car that brought us to California, l0, those many years ago. It was our first really nice sedan purchase and has been a truly excellent and dependable ride for more than 160,000 miles. We hung on to it for a couple extra years thinking that once MP2 could drive, he would surely want it--given that it was such a FREE car, and all. But he and stick shifts were not to be. We've always hated the idea of people having more cars than drivers at home, so off to the charitable auction house it went this morning, promptly at 8 am. We are guaranteed a $500.00 tax deduction (more, if it sells for more) and our local public/campus radio station will get the actual proceeds. I felt weirdly sentimental seeing it go, but this seems to be the flavor of the week.

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