Monday, July 16, 2007

Where $30,000 p/yr. in Out-of-State Tuition is Headed

After an uneventful flight to Dallas, we made the short trip up to University of North Texas to drop MP2 (musical progeny #2) at jazz camp. Campers are being housed in the same dormitory (Bruce Hall) where he will be living this coming fall as a freshman. Bruce is where all musicians want to live--as it is right across the street from 2 of the (many) music bldgs. where he'll be spending most of his time over the course of the next 4 years. Here a few pictures. MP1, you would be impressed, I think!

These views (above) are of the administration building. Immediately below is a banner in Mozart Square. Beneath that is a sign at the corner of Chestnut and C, where Bruce Hall and the Music Bldg. are located.

After getting him registered and settled, we drove back to Dallas, flew to Albuquerque, picked up rental car #2, and headed for Santa Fe. As always, it's gorgeous countryside; this rainbow greeted us as we headed north on I-25.

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mp2 said...

WOW! Those pictures make UNT look a lot nicer then it really is...good job!