Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Vacation" Reading

I've been enjoying the post at _rateyourstudents_about what the "OTHERS" think we academics do during the summer when we are not (typically) in the classroom. As I leave for a 10-day trip to Dallas, Santa Fe and Taos (where rain is forecast till Tuesday), I have packed some "light" reading (approx. 1500 pp.), so that I can make the deadline for a review essay due the first week in September. Once this stack of reading is finished, I have to produce a 25-page essay, which will then be sent out (by the soliciting journal) for peer-review. Meanwhile, I have been hard at work with one of my colleagues in Native American Studies, so that we can get the next Museum exhibit installed by our opening date of Columbus Day. But, otherwise, I am completely "free" this summer! . . . Except, of course, for my own research, a new course prep, revision of my syllabi, etc., etc., etc. Still, it's a great job, all in all.


Stephanie said...

Heh, heh. Here we are at Tahoe for a mini-break with my sister and her family...and I've brought my laptop, three research notebooks, and a pile of articles.


Love the travelogue!

Auto Ethnographer said...

Well have fun while you're up there (even work is more fun away from home, isn't it!!!!), cuz summer is surely slipping away. Today I realized I haven't ordered books for my new prep. Oh well.