Sunday, September 23, 2012

snickers and earrings

I love talking to my mom when she's herself, and not angry or confused. I hope when I'm 83 and otherwise a pain in the neck to my kids that I ask of them a "really big favor" like the one mine just asked of me: "can you send me some butterfingers and snickers, and also some earrings?" Pretty cute. She loves the caretakers at her assisted living place, is walking again, and is doing some limited socializing on site. For instance, she apparently went to a bible study this morning. I hope her money holds out so we can keep her there forever. She has made the turn (we, on the other hand, still have to deal with her house and her fantasy that one day she'll get to go back and be in-charge of emptying and selling it).  Meanwhile, I am really thankful that her daily needs are being so well-attended to and that all it takes to make her feel really special is some earrings and a few candy bars.  Hope this mood holds till Christmas.

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