Thursday, December 8, 2011


A little exercise (in grading), in case you've run out of your own.
The doodles get an A. The diagram is missing
too many lines of descent for an A.


rented life said...

I get all kinds of weird pictures on tests. I'm never sure why.

V said...


I really wish we could get away with assigning "pictorial essays" in literature classes.

As in, compose an interpretation to Jane Eyre using images. No words, no run-on sentences, no comma splices, no inscrutable thesis statements.

Just, you know, pictures.

(Perfect From Now On with a new alias, by the way).

auto ethnographer said...

RL, in this case--the assignment was really an in-class exercise designed to help them on an up-coming exam. I decided at the last minute to collect it as an extra-credit option. V, I like that idea. I might have to try it on an exam;)