Thursday, September 29, 2011

what next???

I am beyond busy. BEYOND it, truly. Today was the day I was going to make some real progress on some projects that have fallen to the wayside while I opened two exhibits (one co-curated with the mother of the cutie below). Instead, I've spent the day worrying about my mom, who fell in her bathroom early this morning, lay there for an hour until the assisted living staff found her, and was then whisked off to the ER (again--just there for potassium deficiency) where they diagnosed a broken wrist (right hand--of course(!!), surgery tomorrow for that, cut over the eye, and a bruised hip. They are also doing an MRI over some other concern they've discovered. Thank god my sister-in-law was already on her way down there to take her to a neurology appointment (they think she may have Parkinson's).  That's canceled. A neurologist is going to see her in the hospital. So, so glad her hip isn't broken. I talked to her for a while. She's surprisingly okay with all this. I guess our standards for "okay' are changing. And now--I'm going to get back to the work I had planned for today.  One day I will write a bunch of catch-up posts.  Hang in there RL, yay that you're writing P-O, and everyone please note: I've got a new blog on my blogroll. Cultural Herstory. You should all check it out. 


participant-observer said...

Sorry to hear about your mom's fall. We'll be thinking about her!

rented life said...

Sorry you're going through so much. I was thinking of your family and your mom the other day actually and wondering how things were going. Hugs and thank you. Things will turn around for us all, I'm sure.