Sunday, July 24, 2011

playing tourist in our own backyard

Yesterday was our anniversary.* We had a great time hiking, then eating at a nearby farmhouse restaurant (I had a delicious cioppino). Then we drove home and had dessert on the terrace of a favorite french pastry place, while listening to a band of old guys having a great time. Very mellow, lovely day.
It is a long way down to the lighthouse.
The equivalent of 30 stories.
Getting closer.
Last time we were here (a decade ago?), the lens house was closed.
This time, we timed our trip accordingly.
The wait to get in was long, but the views were spectacular.
This little house is where the fuel (bird fat!)
was stored back in the gas lamp burning days.
One thousand plus prisms in 24 panels.
Amazingly gorgeous mechanics; made in France (a Fresnel lens).

And now, for the ascent.
Really, there are way more than 308 steps,
because they don't count the long ramps between flights. 


 But we made it!

and *poof* again.

I hope there is a beach house in my retirement.
*(vingt-neuf !!)


rented life said...

Happy anniversary! And great pictures too. Made me think of my aunt, she's kind of obsessed with light houses and anything beach-related.

Dr. Dad, PhD said...

Glad to see you had a great anniversary!

I'm also glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been reading too many blogs of people struggling for tenure and I've been getting a bit worried for myself and my family.

auto ethnographer said...

Thanks to you both for the anniversary wishes!

RL--nice to hear that you two are playing music again.

Dr. Dad--hang in there. The light at the end of the tunnel is truly worth the hard work and the long journey.

participant-observer said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm longing for a misty's 100 here still!
You're looking great btw!

auto ethnographer said...

Thanks,P-Obs. We are visiting family in the 105+ (mostly +!) record-setting heat. It cooled down last night in the Big D to 96.