Monday, May 30, 2011

on a happier note

Some good things also came out of our last trip to Texas. After we got my mom moved into her new assisted living place, we headed up to the greater Dallas area to visit with MP2, who needed a new flute (actually--he's never had one of his own, but had been playing his sister's from high school).  His girlfriend went with us (it is her primary instrument) to help him choose one.

didn't take the camera,
so these are all iPhone

After that, we went to nearby Richardson, where MP1 is moving in August. We drove by her new place of employment and the apartment complex that was recommended to her. And luckily, they had an apartment coming available the week before she starts work, so we were able to help reserve that. It is a very cool mixed use retail/residential development. I think she's going to love it. I know I would.

We then had equally good luck back in Denton, since MP2 and CG were able to find a new apartment in MP2's current complex that will become available in August. So that means everyone in the fam is moving this summer, but us. Fun, fun, fun. 

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rented life said...

Yay for flutes! (That's one of my instruments. Husband and I both play guitar, piano, and sing too.)Sounds like a busy summer of moving. I'm right there with it--we move the first weekend in July.