Tuesday, March 22, 2011


MP1 and 2,  along with 2's gf, spent a few days of NT spring break in my favorite hill country cité. It is truly amazing how much I miss that place. I offer a few pics since I have basically nothing to say for or about myself--except that I am scrambling to tie up loose ends (read-read-read, write a paper I have to give in a couple months, scan some sections of humungous old govt. volumes that I need for sabbatical writing so that I don't have to haul them back to sabbatical house [sabbatical house: yay!], write a ridiculous number of emails and an agenda for upcoming prof. mtg. etc., etc.). Sheesh that organization is SO much work. So, so much work. Why do I never get those service gigs that are "show up and breathe"? Better get back to all that. These may go poof. But maybe not, cause I do miss these guys.

~  all gone ~

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