Saturday, March 5, 2011

the big show

I'm still recovering from last Sunday, which involved a short road trip with CD and H, to see the M*rin Show: Art of the A*mericas.  It was so fun it nearly killed me. Mostly brain overload, but also that walking-on-concrete-for-hours kind of tired. We wished D of KS could have been there. Partly for old times sake--but also because it really was a hemispheric show with lots of Spanish colonial-era art, some pre-Columbian, and lots of contemporary Native jewelry and handicrafts. We managed to find things we could afford; and we also got to see our favorite basket expert there, so that was extra nice.
What can I say about this guy in the distance,
or the vendor below? How about: "apparently,
some people come to these shows in uniform."
Thankfully, these types were in short supply.

Mask woven by the Embera (Panama, near Colombian
border). This photo doesn't do it justice. It is really striking.
Had to buy it.

On sale, 2/3rd off regular price. Bought eight--a nineth
thrown in for good measure. I'll use them in classes,
and in my post-retirement life. Can't wait.


Afterwards, we were starved! The plan? Drive into town,
Find a parking spot, then eat in the closest restaurant.

 Mmm. Good.
But then we needed a walk and coffee,
just for the trip home.

those Jesuits got around, ya know?


participant-observer said...

looks like big fun. i have a fear of becoming the professorial version of "one those vendors" in my old age!

Melda :) said...

OMG! Marin/San Rafael is like 15min from me - I should have been informed. I would of joined you gals!

auto ethnographer said...

p-o: I think its the heavy eyeliner that really ruins her look (great boots). And Melda--next year's show--let's do it!