Thursday, February 24, 2011

holiday treats

I've had some photographs of  Christmas presents  I received (or bought with gift cards) living on my desk top for a couple months (all prepped for a blog post I never wrote). I think it is time to post them or toss them. So here we go.

From MP1 and MP2, a great collection of makeup (my wishlist just read mascara, so it was great to get lots of new stuff to play with.)

And from TH, I got books, books, and more books and from my wish list, a great immersion blender. I asked for this brand, but w/o all the accessories (just because I have other versions of these accessories), but just the other day I put a couple of these new ones to use. So thanks TH.

The rest of this I bought with Xmas gift cards or gift money, although the butter liners (below) I got for MP2, as part of a huge bunch of gloves and socks and stuff to keep him warm over there in the freezing north Texas plains and then went back for a pair for myself (before he'd even flown home), because they are so, so comfy and perfect for walking and casual use all by themselves.

And then when we were in hometown (well it is sort-of our hometown--we both moved way too much as kids to truly have a 'hometown'), I engaged in retail therapy in the most literal sense of the word  and bought this costume jewelry from Brighton, which used up the last of my gift money. So sixties, and so much fun.

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