Tuesday, January 18, 2011

who says you can't buy happiness?


Holly said...


academic poser said...

ditto that Holly!
I thought it would be shoes. Wow.

auto ethnographer said...

They are two of about 5 baskets from the estate of a prof who taught in the vet school across the way and died in October last year. She lived in the city/'burb near me that bears the same name as the major street you'd take from the univ to my house. (Their house must have been just amazing! Gorgeous hand-crafted antique pine furniture in the estate sale shop--if there hadn't been baskets for sale, I'd have bought some of it.) I purchased the smaller basket on Friday. Over the weekend I did some research on the collector (who is named on a tag which reads "collected before 1923")and the two women's names appearing beneath the collector's name (as lenders). Very cool connection to my research subject's ancestral territory (though the baskets are def. P.River). SO, I went back to the shop on Monday (with TH and MP1) and bought the burden basket. I wish I could afford the other three that were part of the estate. If they are still there next month, I might try to buy them. More in person; come on over and visit them. BTW, Holly--there is a Tlingit basket in the shop w/Am flags on it. The only reason it hasn't sold is that the lid doesn't fit the basket. It is a good price, tho.