Thursday, November 4, 2010

try, try again

I tried like crazy to get through those chapters in time to go shopping, but no such luck. First, I got distracted by a mess. Some wildlife  (racoons, rats, badgers, birds?) came in the night (two nights, now) and shredded to bits,  the pillow that goes with M/MH's lovely hammock. I mean shredded. I figure half of the stuffing has been carried off and is feathering a nest somewhere. Ick.  Yesterday, when I was in  the backyard dead-heading the rosebushes, I noticed that the pillow was ripped and some stuffing was coming out. So I stuffed the kapok and foam back in and turned the pillow over where they couldn't get back into. Thinks me. IT/THEY must have been really infuriated, because this morning I discovered that BOTH sides of the fabric were rip-roaring destroyed. Ick. I'm not sure what to do about it. There is still plenty of stuffing to steal and eat or play with or whatever the hell is happening, and I'm afraid if I take it away (as in toss it in the garbage), that these destroyers will go for the cushions on the patio table chairs. Sheesh.  I will take a picture tomorrow just so M/MH can see it.

Second, this book turns out to be really valuable. Some contributions are really fascinating, but d.e.n.s.e, so I'm still not finished, after taking pretty much all damned day long to make my way through it.  Power-reader I am not. I have at least two, maybe three more articles/chpts. to read. I'm going to try for the shopping gig again tomorrow, though. Because Saturday will be very touristy, and I don't like competition.

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