Tuesday, November 9, 2010

loose ends

Today is all about loose ends. Yesterday I worked, shopped, worked. On the shopping front, I have managed to buy at least two Christmas presents each for TH, MP1 and MP2. Woohoo. This is not my usual pattern. Typically, I am out--frantic and stressed--the last Friday night/weekend of the Fall semester, after I've closed the museum exhibit, given my last final, and (many years) tossed a Christmas party for TH's department, hoping that the retail and gift inspiration stars align properly. Usually, I am exhausted by the time the break rolls around. None of that this year. But, I do have lots to do, before I head home for the holidays.
  1. refile archival docs I've stacked in a nice little pile (I hate refiling! what is wrong with me?)
  2. make packing list (stuff that isn't in clear sight and that I'll be likely to forget).
  3. laundry
  4. water plants
  5. trash to the curb
  6. card and gift card for M/MH (already have the former and know where I'll get the latter)
  7. last walk on the beach
  8. last walk to my favoite coffee shop (reading, reading, reading)
  9. enter 'refs to get' on subpage by the same name in my sabbatical onenote binder
  10. notes on two articles.
I can do this.

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P said...

Isn't it funny how something as simple as "trash to the curb" typically makes its way onto these to-do-lists? As I often have to tell myself: "It will all get done."