Thursday, October 28, 2010


Having gotten some work done in the last two days, I now get to blog about retail therapy. I spent last Thursday shopping in nearby college town, with a retired colleague who doesn't drive. I bought a few long-sleeve v-neck t-shirts that can be dressed up or down (the temp down here in sabbatical-land rarely reaches 75 degrees and there is always a lovely breeze). I needed them. And I bought a new denim shirt. Needed that, too. Haha. And some new casual shoes to replace the aging, leather sneakers I purchased a 100 years ago in Manhattan. Couldn't find any that were leather (like my beloved brown Merrells), but I fell in love with these red Clark and jute-colored Simple sneakers. MP1 needs to come visit me next spring because the shoe shop where I bought these is just a-mazing. So many excellent brands and styles that are tough to find all in one spot.

And then, in Vegas on Saturday, I decided I needed new eye makeup (yay!). That is because Sephora has such a prominent spot on the Strip. Not because I'm actually wearing eye-makeup while on sabbatical.

And finally, while driving back down here on Monday, I bought a Christmas present for TH. The fact that I found something he will like is just shocking. Men are so tough to shop for. A few Vegas pics to come later.


P said...

I love those sneakers! Good for you for treating yourself like this :-)

auto ethnographer said...

Thanks, P. Let's vow to treat ourselves, in 2011, at LEAST as well as we treat other people and entities (many of which will happily suck the life right out of us).