Tuesday, August 24, 2010

summer trip goodies

These are my summer trip souvenirs. Clearly, I'm taking a very minimalist approach to shopping and packing.

The kitchen towels are great! Huge and very soft and absorbent, and a much better color than they than they look here. Worth every penny. I found them in a great market in my mom's city. The skillet is from her kitchen, I've been asking her--for years (!)-- for one of her cast iron skillets.  It is certainly well-seasoned, but also needs some cleaing. Any suggestions? (TH had to stuff in his suitcase, as mine was over the 50 lb. limit.) And the book is a first edition that I was thrilled to find in a great used book store in MP2's town. I also brought home a hilarious phrase of his: "If it's baroque, fix it." Cracked me up; so much for that summer music history course. And now I need to get packing for the start of sabbatical fun. 

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