Wednesday, June 30, 2010

winding down the chair gig

TH has chaired his department for two terms. Soon, soon, it is ALL coming to an end. I think, as of today, that he has one more month (although truth be told, he also has the entire summer "off" in order to use up accumulated vacation time; the university tells chairs to take it, but unless one has really sterling, responsible faculty, who do all the non-teaching stuff they are supposed to--it is almost impossible to do).

His department tossed him a lovely party in May. We all had a good time. Even the kiddies (all under 5) who did eventually get themselves into a teeny bit of trouble by sneaking up to the second floor balcony of our host's home, where they found a garden hose (presumably used for watering plants on the balcony) and turned it onto the happily-buzzed parents and the garden-party setting below. It was a scene from Animal House writ small--or pre-K, or something. Hilarious, especially to those of us on the far side of the lawn who remained totally dry. People are still talking about the little culprits.

Fortunately we had already eaten our dinners and dessert (from which I have carefully 'erased' his name). Good luck to Dr. Replacement...and thanks for agreeing to do it.  There is no going back now!


rented life said...

The image of the kids hosing the adults is just too funny!!

auto ethnographer said...

It was truly hilarious--such little mischief-makers.