Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sometimes, the really exhausting (and depressing) part of search committee work turns into sheer exhilaration. And it is SO nice when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Phew. I actually want to be on a SC some day. Just to see what it's like on The Other Side.

And, is it a good sign that your institution is hiring again?

Hope so!

--Pocha (for some odd reason you're blog wouldn't let me log in as such).

auto ethnographer said...

It is good our insititution is hiring (but only because this is a high profile, politically-important position); it is an emergency replacement position for our faculty member in charge of repatriation of anthro collections that fall under NAGP.RA.

And, it looks like we have scored an excellent hire from your neck of the woods and alma mater. So, yeah--SCs are tons of bureaucratic and emotional work. Having just finished up my third round on one, I'm very happy to get a break from them for a while.