Sunday, June 13, 2010

catching up with May (part 1)

The conference was technically over on Saturday evening following our banquet, but some of us had a planning meeting related to next year's conference on Sunday morning. I got up early for that, dropped D and TM at the airport (what a circuitious route they had to take home!!), came back to the hotel, and met with other board members for about 2 hours while TH slept.  As soon as the meeting was over, I woke him up, we checked out, and then drove--along with RT and family--over to see our conference host's brand new baby girl (whose birth was covered play-by-play on FB; a bit weird--but fun at the same time). New baby is really really adorable.

After our visit we all headed up to to Virginia C*ty, which I have wanted to see for years--in part because it is an old mining town, but also because it is where some of the descendants of my research subject lived.

The drive up to Virgin*a City winds back and forth, one switchback after another. But it does yield some beautiful views.
Historic monuments and plaques are everywhere in this tiny silver rush town. 

Restaurants and bars (in various states of misrepair and restoration) sometimes occupy the old banking buildings.  This was once a bustling center of commerce. It is all souvenir shops, eateries, and museums now.

And here we have two writers. The one on the right is one helluva word jumble competitor; she beats me everytime.

The cage contains archival copies (I use this term loosely) of the Territ*rial Enterprise. This museum is in the basement of a commercial establishment. It hopes to be a professional operation one day.
This is a lot on main street. Must have been one of the very early buildings. I wonder who owns it.
This was taken through the car window just south of VC; we took the long road home--a big wide circle back to I-80. It is somewhat out of order though, because after RT and family took off for home, TH and I did some church tours. That post is next.

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