Saturday, June 12, 2010

catching up with April (part 1)

The last few months have been beyond crazy and I have had little time for blogging. This is partly my own fault,  because I designed and taught a museum course that was about 3 courses-worth of work for me. I am still wrapping up that class, even though grades are in and the semester is long over (more on that in another post). Okay--back to April.

We spent April 22-25 in Texas, upon the occasion of the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.  The  headliner was Chick Corea, who drew a huge crowd, including the little redhead (below) in the Paul Frank t-shirt. But we were really there to visit MP2, see his lab band play, and listen to the famous "One O'Clock."  We had lots of fun, despite (me) having a low-grade fever (the 4th floor of my building is such a petri dish),  insane winds and allergies, and hilarious fair "food."

Thanks to MP1 for the decent photos. I decided to leave my camera at home, which explains the blurry iPhone images I already posted here and here.  We flew home on the 25th. I think I was furloughed on that Monday, but I'm also sure I worked that day--because I had papers to grade and to write. Can I just say that we have now gone from World Cup (all day) to a sci-fi film called St*nehenge Apocalypse? At least it doesn't have that obnoxious buzzing in the background.

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