Wednesday, May 26, 2010

still struggling to catch up

Here is how I feel about the end of the semester:

Grades are in, commencement is over, and I can smell the freedom (ok, it is rain) in the air. BUT I have lots of loose ends related to the museum to get tied up for the coming year (archive the exhibit, correct student inventory work forms, save them to our shared drive, print out hard copies for a collection binder, etc.). I so want it to be done. And I am working on it (even as I take a break to blog), but I feel like my race toward the actual close of the semester is this slow:

I am on a hiring committee (late, emergency replacement hire), so I am technically on the job through June. Sigh. Yawn. Anyway, that is it for iPh*ne scenes from my front yard in late May. Still have to download April visit to MP2 from my camera and catchup on that. Again, soon, soon. Maybe even Friday.

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