Thursday, April 29, 2010

university library lite

Should I be blogging today? No, absolutely not. I have a paper to finish and deliver on Friday and I'm only about half-way through it. I spent all of Monday prepping a research and inventory form for my museum class, and scoring and entering 140 exam grades for my intro course. I am behind on this paper, for sure (yesterday I was of the mind that I didn't need to created PPTs for it, this morning I'm thinking I really should--but there is real writing to complete, as well).   And, I'd much rather be posting photos from our fun weekend with MP2 or writing about how nearly delirious I am from the combination of a low-grade fever and the summer nearly in sight. But, I just had to post a portion of this email received at 11 last night:

"Yesterday in my function as department library liaison I received the following email (see below) from ____, the librarian who oversees anthropology materials. The library is preparing to make a cut in its fixed costs to the level of 10%-35%. A subsequent email today clarified that we need to assign ordinal ranks from 1 to n identifying our priorities, beginning with 1 for the journal we want cut last and want to keep most....." 

Oh, and it must be done by tonight. Gah!

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