Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 days

Enough already! I have now been sick for 10 full days. I came down with something late on the 28th and it has just gone on and on and on. I had to bail on my colleague's New Year's Eve party and just finished canceling my Sunday plans to go antiquing with friends. The venue is outdoors, and it is cold and damp these days and I don't think I could survive yet another setback. I'm not very good at being sick (although I would have you note that I seem to schedule all sickness for in between semesters; this is why I have sick days banked like nobody's business--not a good thing). The first four days of this misery entailed trips between the bed and the couch and back again--and lots of really, really bad TV. By Sunday I was feeling semi-better. The aches and chills were fewer and much farther apart. And I was SO sick of looking at dust and Xmas debris, that I decided to give the living room the most thorough cleaning it has seen in a year--or maybe ever. I mean, I moved furniture around, rearranged the huge persian rug and pad, dusted paintings and *behind* the TV and speakers, got out furniture polish, and generally cleaned like the crazy person I am. And of course, the next day I had a nice relapse. At this point, I think I'm mostly nursing the tail-end of a sinus infection. At least I'm well enough to cook, and to read, and to be really happy that I haven't yet heard whether or not my spring furlough schedule is formally approved. The latter keeps me from having to worry about constructing syllabi. It's the little things in life that get us through.


rented life said...

We've lived here 5 years and I'm trying to think if I have ever dusted behind the TV.

auto ethnographer said...

I know, as if anyone would actually see the dust back there (or care), myself included.