Wednesday, December 30, 2009

road trip

On the 26th, we headed out of town for the weekend.
location, location, location (of cabin in which we stayed)
foothills/mountain town, population: 1,100
southern Sierra view from the front porch
the Tule River runs through the backyard. Cold, but gorgeous
and lovely to listen to whle falling asleep...

nearby horse ranch
view (above) as TH and I headed onto nearby-reservation the next day

I have a minor, but ongoing interest in the exhibits in Native casinos...
after seeing the reservation and casino (and having lunch there), we headed into the mountains...
Florence Peak
arriving in Camp Nelson

love the sign (enlarge to see why)

really cute cabin...
took this photo (above) for MGC's benefit--note Cigar Store Indian

Headed back home for the New Year via a scenic route suggested by CG--MP2's gf --it was her Aunt's cabin that we stayed in. It was great to meet her extended family and to get out of town for a while...

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