Friday, November 20, 2009

thesis reading

Done! I've spent the better part of today reading the most amazing thesis, written by a grad student I feel very privileged to have had in a couple of my seminars and in my life, generally. We've "toughed it out together" in some gloomier days and phases of our work lives; doing "therapy" over coffee doesn't begin to cover it. My research and interests dovetail with hers, so it was a natural that we would work together. She has finally completed her truly monumental research project; it hard to characterize how important her work will be to future researchers and to generations of Indigneous people, but it will be. We are meeting tomorrow at 10 am, so I can give her the corrected thesis copy. I feel like I should take her flowers--but a mocha will have to do. Congrats and all that.

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