Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ta-da !

I paid off my Prius yesterday, 20 months ahead of schedule (4 yr. loan), thanks to lots of scrimping and saving the last couple years. I was initially planning to try and pay it down in 36 months, but given the craziness all around of late, I decided to ramp up the payoff effort so that I'll have more options for next year and whatever financial configuration that may bring. Plus, I hate, hate, hate paying interest--especially on my post-furlough salary. The loan company requires a certified check to pay off the balance, so I had to go to the bank yesterday, where the teller turned out to be a former student. THAT was a bit weird for me--having my financial info up on her screen. The title should arrive in a few weeks and the car will be all mine. Mileage still under 10,000--though I should document exactly where it stands; maybe tomorrow.

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MP1 said...

yay!!!!! Congratulations!!! :-)