Sunday, November 29, 2009

countdown to finals week

Watched the sun come up at the airport this morning (that little dot on the horizon is MP2's plane headed back to Texas). It was such a nice holiday break--lots of good (excellent) food and fun with family and friends. The rest of the semester should fly by--2 more furlough days, 2 more weeks of instruction, 1 more curriculum committee meeting, party for retiring colleague (Sunday), final faculty meeting of the semester (next Friday), followed immediately (literally--all of 30 minutes) by MP1's master's recital, followed by her graduation on yet the following Friday. The big news of tomorrow will be whether or not the CMS people will be able to fix one of my Spring course/lab listings so that students can actually enroll in it. For the past week, it has been forcing them to add themselves onto a waitlist. So predictable. None of the office staff can figure it out. And I can just imagine how pleased they'll be if they are forced to add everyone by hand...

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