Sunday, October 25, 2009

sleep deprivation

Not getting much sleep these days. Work is full of uncertainties and I am weighing various options re: my longterm future. I dreamed about Chum*sh baskets last night. That's clearly a sign.


pocha said...

Sorry about the sleep deprivation. For me, stress-related sleep deprivation just exacerbates the stress, and the cycle goes on and on. Are you open to taking something temporarily? Benadryl works for me when I need it -- and it's not habit forming. Dr's all say it's safe.

auto ethnographer said...

Good idea. Years ago, I'd occasionally take Tylenol PM, but I'll give the Benadryl a try. It's that or find greener pastures before the semester's out--which isn't going to happen. Glad you are staying put at C'ville (or better put: I'm glad they made it worth your while).