Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is the silliest post ever, but I am overjoyed to have a library retreat. In all my years here, I've never applied for a research carrel, and this year I really need one and managed to snag one (yeah for people retiring or finishing whatever landed them one to begin with). Picked up the signed forms from Library Dean, and went over to get my key. And no--I'm not telling you which floor it's on or number it is, because I do NOT want to be found. No more having to lug stacks of books home, put up with the creepy stack-lurkers (what is wrong with those guys? wait a second while I throw up!), or having to fight for an outlet for my computer. Last time I had my own little bit of turf in a library I was in grad school, writing my dissertation, pregnant with MP2 and hiding a teeny jar of redhots (my morning sickness cure) from the library police who swept the premises everynow and then. Nothing to hide this go around--yet. So, that's my dumb, happy news for the day.

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