Tuesday, September 22, 2009

great, here we go

Hello Professor Autoethnographer,

This is _________ from Anth N; MW xx:xx-xx:xx. I was quarintined with the H1N1 virus today and i will not be able to come back to classes until monday the 28th. Sorry for the absences and i will keep up on my readings and check out the lecture powerpoints online.

Thank you,

Abcdefg Hiklmnop


pocha23 said...

No! Sorry. I have a feeling this is only going to get worse :-(.

When your children were young (as in, under 4), did you ever worry insanely about them catching the flu? I'm sort of stressed out b/c Bump starts his third preschool year tomorrow. That room of tots will be a haven for germs....

auto ethnographer said...

You know, I think those little guys are so much more resilient than we parents. I got everything under the sun when my kids went off to pre-K (partly because of the thryoid bit--undiagnosed at that time), but I'm sure I'd have gotten at least 50% of the stuff I came down with anyway! My daughter brought chicken pox home when she was in K. and my son, who was just beginning to wean himself to the bottle got a pretty good case of it--but not so bad that his pediatrician was positive he'd acquired full immunity. That was the worst of it. I do think this H1N1 stuff is worth worrying about (I'm worried about my youngest in the residence halls in another state!). So the insanity over kiddie sickness lasts a while I guess. Like forever.