Tuesday, June 30, 2009

three things...

  • TH has a hard time in the kitchen. I'm not sure if he's faking it or if there's a male gene that constantly sends him to the wrong cabinet (after 5+ years) for plates, and this am (again) to the cannister of kosher salt vs. sugar. C'mon!! (what a waste of good coffee--but that's what he gets for sugaring up a good dark roast). The sugar has been in the same container forever (12+ years).
  • I am sick of MP2 being sick. And of course, his parents now have this same affliction to greater (me) and lesser (TH) extents. Was I not sick just a few short weeks ago with summer flu? And now this. MP2 visited this upon us on last Thursday. His comment "It is amazing how worthless sickness can make you." Indeed--c'est vraie. I should be well into a revision right now, instead all I can make myself do is read another of my ILLs. It is a very good volume--some brilliant contributors--and I'm making notes. I have high hopes that some writing action will happen today--coffee is slowly working it's magic.
  • I hate our governor. I know that's a strong word, but I do. AND I've hated him since way, way back when he said "I am an entrepreneur; I know how to balance a [state] budget" (imagine the Austrian accent) and then participated in a recall that displaced our then governor who, frankly, was leagues and miles smarter, because he (at least) understood that the legislature was not a business. He needs to be recalled. Truly, he does.


Anonymous said...

OMG, my own "TH" has the SAME problem (altho not the salt for sugar one; his sister had that when she visited). But, neither for the love of god nor money can he recall where many of our dishes are located . . . seriously. Seriously? after 8 years in the SAME EFFING KITCHEN?????

Anonymous said...

You mean, he needs to be terminated!

I agree and have always agreed. He was so popular when he went up for the position. Why???