Saturday, May 16, 2009

Las Vegas Conference Photos

Finally, some photos from the April conference in Las Vegas. Actually--there are no photos from the conference itself, but rather from the distractions. Historian and I had not been to Las Vegas since 1993, so things had really changed. As an anthropologist AND museum person--I was totally caught up in analyzing both the meaning and fabrication techniques associated with all the Old World hyperreality. I mean, people--this is Vegas--the town that blows it's historical casinos up and flips off architecural preservation. Yet billions of dollars go into simulating the wealth and antiquity of the Old World so that trailer-trashy tourists can tour and smoke and lose all their $ in an elegant and cosmopolitan environment. If I were still writing about theme parks and Potemkin preservation, I'd haul myself out there and suffer the super nasty cigarette smoke in order to write an article. But--I suspect UNLV's anthro dept. must already have tapped into this ever-ready opportunity. Anyway, I've got literally loads of photos--so here are some from mostly three venues: the Bellagio (especially their Conservatory--which honest to god--save me from going NUTS the last day there--a little greenery in the midst of concrete hell); followed by some scenes from Bally's Paris (complete with interior street scapes avec les petits brasseries and monuments from the Champs Elysee. You'll have to forgive the spelling and absent accents). We had dinner in the Eiffel Tower restaurant overlooking the Bellagio's dancing waters--it was truly delicious-living up to the promise of their fabulous kitchen in everyway (photos below). And finally, beaucoups pictures from the Venetian--another indoor extravaganza, complete with canals and a wonderful HUGE simulation of St. Mark's square, where we had our last "outdoor" dinner at "Enoteca San Marco" (one of Mario Batali's restaurants). Forgot to mention another lovely dinner at Bobby Flay's (Bellagio-based) "Mesa Grill"--our second night out with friends. And that, is my exceedingly late review of this years regional anthro conference. I'm almost, almost caught up (as best I can be) with Spring '09 blogging. Curious about any photo/site in particular? Let me know and I'll identify it via the comments function...

Click on this photo to see the MOST amazing tulips!

The Venetian from here on out.

The humungous painted ceilings are amazing.

Professional statue impersonator in St. Mark's Square.
They earn tips posing with tourists, fyi.

Mmm, this might be from Paris, not the Venetian. Can't be sure anymore.

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participant-observer said...

This is almost as hyperreal as Chinatown! :)