Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exhibit Scramble

A quick and washed-out photo of the entry wall (and the lab behind, oops). Nah. This post is simply to prove I am still alive. The exhibit is almost ready. Look at those two smiling helpers who hung out tonight till I left. They are the best (and not nearly as washed out as they look here!). So, I have one more text panel to write. I will do that tomorrow morning before the symposium starts. (Or at the lunch break--I have a draft completed, so that's not as risky as it sounds. And, I've written a blurb about this particular artist for another show). TH and I did not make it to the big dinner, tonight (my fault--or fault of the exhibit). I did make it to the committee I chair on the other side of campus. Hard to focus on business there when ALL I wanted to do was get out and back to the exhibit fabrication. Two labels to apply tomorrow, the floor to vacuum, and then I've got to leave the symposium and get back to the museum so the caterers can set up. I hope I remember to do this. I. AM. TIRED.

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