Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Batch of Brownies

Sigh. I am SO not Martha St*wart (whose show is now providing ambient noise for blogging and emailing and doing laundry). I just ever-so-slightly charred the bottom of the first batch of brownies I intended to send of to MP2 (who is in need of a treat. To be sure, he'd prefer the end of the semester, but this is all I got--sorry!). I popped them into the oven and out exactly as prescribed, but the dark non-stick pan really called for pulling them out a good 5 minutes earlier. Darn. So, TH will have to eat those. The second round of brownies is now cooling--and they are perfectly baked. But, since I'm running late this morning, I've now got time to upload a photo of the goodies I bought yesterday.
Isn't this just the cutest-shaped colander? I had to have it, and the muddler, too. They are from one of my all-time favorite houseware/hardware stores in town of MP1's alma mater. We took her there for birthday breakfast yesterday morning, and then went to all of our and her favorite haunts. Of course, we bought her some critical (ok--cute) kitchen things, too. Very relaxing and casual day. Except that the wind was really, really bad and so for me (being so allergic to everything) it was kind of like poison just to go outside. But, it the end, it was worth it, because the muddler will improve my mojito-making skills and the colander and towels and silpat are all highly functional. Okay--NOW I am going to get MP2's brownies and tea-infuser (he's a green-tea fanatic like his dad) in the mail. And then go to lunch with MP1, and then head over to MGC's house and get on the same page re: our panel and mini-exhibit for this week's conference (yep, we are lugging artifacts to San Diego). Nonetheless, it still feels like spring break. And I really needed it. ***The semester is almost over for you MP2. Hang in there.***


participant-observer said...

mmm mojitos!
Now not to say they are great, but Smirnoff does make a mojito drink that is not that bad- when you need your drink- and fast!

After having them in Cuba- all in the US have paled in comparison

Auto Ethnographer said...

Oh--good to know. But what, pray-tell, was the Cubano secret? Better limes, I'm thinking. And better rum? And a good cigar, afterwards :)

participant-observer said...

I've tried to figure that out.
1. I think drinking them on a roof over looking Havana helps.
2. I think in Cuba they just use sugar diluted in rum, not a simple syrup, but I could be wrong.
3. A cubano afterwards does help!

Looking back I drank A LOT of rum that semester. It was either beer, cuba libre, or mojito.
The mottos of many nights were:
"Time flies when you're having rum."
"Let's get dumb and drink some rum."

Anonymous said...

I had my first mojito in Iowa City (yes, true) and the bartender tried to convince me and a rather famous feminist anthro'ist (who works on Nicaragua who is no longer at Iowa City but closer to Cuba these days) that the rum being used in Iowa City was from Cuba . . . uh, trade embargo anyone?