Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pre-New Year's Eve Resolutions

Right now, I'm not really concerned with resolutions I may have for 2009; I just want to finish up all the random tasks and errands that I had planned for the pre-2009 holiday period.

Still on that list are:

  • writing up the pre- and post-course assessment questions for a mult-section course (and modifying the assessment plan that our old instrument was embedded in.) I am giving myself exactly 2 hours to complete this. Which is 2 hours more than it deserves.
  • completing the syllabus for my new prep, for which I've lined up 3 hot-off-the-press ethnographies and two I've previously used. I hate writing syllabi, but I look forward to the course, itself.

Off the list per due diligence yesterday and the day before:

  • taking my Prius in for its oil change, tire rotation, etc. My dealer guarantees a 59 minute turn-around and, in fact, I was out of there within 40 minutes. (Unfortunately, TH's car is in for a check up so I'll have to take a break to drive him out there to pick it up when it's ready).
  • syllabus for course (for which I'm writing the damned assessment questions).
  • waking up at 5 am to call my mother (7 am, her time) to make sure she didn't miss her flight to see her ailing brother. (AND of course, she later called to say that she didn't go after all--which I could easily have predicted.) ACK!!!
  • buying external hard-drive for laptop. Hellooooo Vista. Where were you yesterday morning when I first turned my computer on and it read "Operating System Not Found"? In temporary hiding? (On second try, OS was located, but in the interim, I had a minor heart attack. So now? Everything backed up on portable HD at close of business day.)

If I'm very diligent and focused today, I'll be able to spend the next 3 weeks free of teaching obligations (although I am going in to the museum tomorrow afternoon to make use of work-study student and available hours). Gah.


the cheerful pessimist said...

Hey, congrats on getting D! The B is very happy and I'm sure you're vastly relieved. A good start to the year. Yay. Happy 2009 to you and TH and MPs.

Auto Ethnographer said...

Yes, we are thrilled--just waiting for the signature on the dotted line and then it's all out celebration. Happy New Year to your and yours. When do the ILs leave?