Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Peregrinations

This is a patchwork of photos. They are mostly in chronological order, except for the last three that actually date from Labor Day. I'm playing catch-up with this post, because I've been too busy to blog very much over the last month. The fall exhibit (like ALL exhibits) has taken every so-called "free" second of my non-teaching, non-committee time, day and night--including almost every Sunday through Friday evening. (I tried to reserve Saturdays for at least some time out and about). Since the exhibit is now open, I'll post a few of those photos tonight or tomorrow.

Prelude to the Opening--MFW and Graphics Girl (GG) demonstrate their artistic talents...

and save me lots of $ that would otherwise have gone to a signage company.

She's thinking about the post-department-picnic pitcher of margaritas. I know that now.

Lunch at a new place downtown with one of my grad students. I'd never heard of this place, but no surprise. It's only open during the week for lunch. It has out-of-this-world, incredibly delicate french onion soup. Have to go back to see what the sandwiches are like.

The reason we were downtown to begin with...a very nice event. Good to see old friends and help MM hopefully make new contacts that will contribute to thesis topic. I was really impressed with how many state agencies were participating.

I love libraries. This is the old entrance, pre-galleria expansion.
I'm shocking even myself here, but I've been to 2.5 football games this year. We ate here afterwards with another couple who just spent the last year in Finland and Germany. Good goulash & beer & dessert, which led to....
a long, long evening stroll around an old city park and through great neighborhoods none of us can imagine living in (only because for that kind of $ I want 2 bathrooms. At least.)
This house or the one above (iPhone photos don't really do them justice) might have two bathrooms. But, alas, they are neither for sale nor in the budget.

Late bloomers in my front yard. But aren't they pretty?

Game #2 of the season. Notice which side of the no alcohol sign we were hanging out on.

While stuck at the football game, another wife and I decided that both couples should buy lofts downtown. We were already headed downtown for dinner, anyway, and talked the guys into 1) going along with our scheme to give up suburbia for downtown digs and 2) checking them out that night. Well, we toured the lofts looming in the distance here and while we liked the location, the interiors were pretty cheaply put together (cabinetry not even IKEA grade) and of course the prices were sky-high. The realtors were pretty pathetic too. They were clearly embarrassed to be hawking them at those rates in this bad economy.
This loft-touring evening took place on the Saturday (one every month) when all the art galleries are open late and musicians fill the streets. This little girl wasn't more than 11 or 12. Great voice. And a very nice break from the roll n' roll bands of middle aged men who all sound the same (although the one across the street from this girl had a fantastic guitar player--I must admit).
While the entire loft fantasy was extremely short-lived, dinner was a wonderful consolation prize. I absolutely love paella and sangria. I'd go to another football game this Saturday if the day ended this way.

I took this photo on the day after GG's birthday. MFW's present to her was a Van Gogh action figure. You can SEE that we were all in a fighting mood from working on this exhibit just a little bit TOO long. Good thing we couldn't see into the future, or we might have turned the "brush" on ourselves.

These 3 photos date from Labor Day. They represent the two extremes of the State Fair. Juried art contests and nut-case couples who want to hold snakes. Oy.

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the cheerful pessimist said...

Trattoria Bohemia is one of my top five favorites in town. You remind me that we need to go again!