Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exhibit Opening

I can see that I'm missing some key views of the exhibit, but here are a few of the images from opening day. I'll try to fill in the gaps later this week. Sorry for the weird captioning. These originally loaded side-by-side, but then once the post uploaded, they were stacked (and I am too lazy/busy/distracted to reformat the captioning).

The Curatorial Collective (top). Catered Reception (above).

Primate Picassos. West Coast (top). GG poses with the East Hampton canvases she wrangled via loan from a sanctuary in NY (above). Clearly, the West Coast primates have a far more minimalist aesthetic sensibility (cough, cough).

Monkeys in Mythology (Precolumbian on the L, World Folklore on the R).

KCD looks at monkeys in space (top). Cladogram, courtesy of Z and GG (above).

A snippet of the Chimp portrait wall (top). Z's case (above).

Faculty, staff, and grad students enjoy the reception (top). HL in front of her case (above).

A lemur goes for Z's leg.

A few of the usual primate-suspects chat at the reception.


the cheerful pessimist said...

:clapclapclap: For all the hours of unsung labor, cheers to you and your crew. :-D I must come back and look in detail - wanted to say hello but hadn't time then for much more.

Auto Ethnographer said...

Thanks, but seriously, is it winter break yet? Why are we all busier than EVER?

Anonymous said...

Yay! It looks great mom! Unfortunately, I think your map of the primate distribution left out the most famous monkey of them all.

the cheerful pessimist said...

I feel MUCH busier this semester. We've hardly done anything else.