Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice Try Mac

But I'd be more impressed with Miss Piggy, for god's sake!! And Palin, who is pro-life and has little political experience, would be a nightmare in the Oval Office if she had to step in to finish out your term. Are we supposed to be impressed that she hunts moose? Is for gay rights but against gay marriage? I think this is a condescending pick, frankly--more proof McCain and his cranks don't "get it."


Anonymous said...

Well said. And, does MAC THINK that Hillary supporters who are "sad" that she wasn't nominated will run to PALIN as an alternative? Life-long NRA member? Ardent supporter of anti-abortion laws? Moose-burgers her favorite food? WTF? MAC chose with his dick not his head (she's a younger, brunette Cindy!). Where the HELL are his advisors?! Or, are they already resigned to defeat?

the cheerful pessimist said...

Um, yeah. How about it? Speaking of thinking with his dick...the first words out of my mouth when I woke up were to yell to the B, "I bet he's boning her."

the B: "Or he wants to. She's pretty hot. A former beauty queen."

ME: "Wow, that's a cynical choice."

Anastasia said...

the moose hunting thing cracks me up but only because I spent time in alaska where taxidermy seems to be the official state decorating schema.