Monday, July 28, 2008

W*k* Schtick-i

I promised a colleague that I'd post *poof* to the academic job w*k*. Not much updating in the last few weeks to the new cultural anthropology jobs, but I continue to be highly entertained by the "black-listed universities and colleges" page. I know I should NOT be entertained by these complaints and sources of pain, but they are either a) reflections of incredible naivety or b) such accurate characterizations of loser departments and schools that I cannot stop myself.

And I'm wasting all kinds of time these days "thinking about," rather than doing things that are keeping me awake at night. Not really stressed out about this stuff, but honestly, I am not getting enough sleep and all I can imagine is that it's because I've been such a complete slacker for the last few days. For one, I should be deciding upon and ordering books for my grad course. But apparently no one else has ordered theirs either. And I am mostly using articles anyway (which I have downloaded in vast abundance, to be culled through at some rapidly approaching "later"--yikes--date). I also have to get the damned DC trip organized. I don't want to do this. I want to *be* in DC and get the research done, but I don't want to order the tickets, arrange the hotel, get on the plane (all friggin day) and all that. I am L*A*Z*Y. Clearly. Or maybe I realize that if I bring another load of documents into this house without coding and filing the ones I brought home two weeks ago, I will have a big, big mess on my hands.

On the positive side (and here I'm digging deep), I have figured out Vista (my personal laptop OS), XP (my campus laptop OS--altho I don't have the tablet function down), Dreamweaver (mostly figured out), and I have met with 2 grad students, both trying to get out asap. Both are doing really good work, mostly outside my department. I am inspired to work, but sleep deprived. It's a mystery--too much caffeine or socializing or something.

TH is now reading me an email request from his dean to all dept. chairs in his college. And we are saying in unison "Whaaaaat?" And this is clearly a question that came out of a retreat for deans. I wonder if my dept. chair is getting asked this question by email? I sort of doubt it, because my dean would think it was too dumb and too s*i*l*l*y to ask (thank god). And I think it's probably all about fund-raising. Oy.


Anastasia said...

the "blacklist" on the religion wiki was changed to "colleges to fear" because we decided it isn't right to associate black with evil and white with good. I was (am) very amused by this.

meanwhile, I think the comments there are naive and what do I know? I'm some goofy grad student. If I see it that way, I can only imagine how it looks to people who know.

the cheerful pessimist said...

Well, now I'm curious!