Friday, July 25, 2008

And he's fired.

Remember this post about Baylor's president and the tenure-denials? Well, he has been fired. Tenure denials were not the only issue, but they did figure into the Board of Regent's decision. CHE reports today that: "Battles over faculty tenure decisions clearly weakened Mr. Lilley's support. Earlier this year, university administrators denied 12 of 30 tenure bids. The high rejection rate angered professors. Of those denied, 10 faculty members appealed the decisions, with seven winning reversals." Seven reversals out of ten appeals is pretty damning. In that same post I wondered how much bite there would be to our provost's bark re: tenure standards he set as Dean of my college and that were not met by some faculty. Let's just say he knows how and when to bite. And that is good for the university. Re: Baylor, whomever moves into the presidency next will probably have to work overtime to earn the faculty's trust.

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