Monday, June 23, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Freedom!

Momentary though it may be (and is), I am out of writing prison. Sent my revised ms. off today and just had a nice glass of Cabernet. I think it might (in a convoluted way) have been more intellectual work than my dissertation. Which, btw, was pretty brutal to finish, with a job and a half, 2 young children, an ambivalent mother (love her, but she was NO help even to the point of just engaging with the concept of academia--"I think it's terrible that your children are growing up around these piles and piles of papers and books"--what a crime. Yeh--they're on the shrink's couch today because of it--not), a husband also working fulltime and managing the Ph.D. grind, etc., etc. The good news is that I can clean up this *particular* pile of papers and books tonight and begin (begin!) to enjoy my summer. MP2 and girlfriend (in town for the weekend) ventured into the pool yesterday, so I figure it must be good and warm enough for what ails you. Life is mighty sweet, at least for today. Now I can catch up on what's been happening in the blogosphere.


the cheerful pessimist said...

You did it! Yay!

lldavydova said...

There should be some changes in your life. Otherwise you will go mad because of too much paperwork. Go on! It is still summertime!