Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday Scenes

This past Sunday we went to the retirement party for a colleague in H's department. He is an avid golfer and skier and has managed to have a good life while being an academic. His wife taught high school French and they headed off to Europe nearly every summer, with their two boys in tow. Lots of nice speeches at the party by junior colleagues whom he helped to hire and mentor while serving as Chair a few years ago. A few speeches filled with quips and back-handed complements offered by members of his own cohort (along with the former University president) who are clearly all still living out the pills and politics of 40 years ago. But without a doubt a really nice party at an amazing house with a dramatic view of the river (which is really low--not much snow melt this year) from up high on the bluffs. I'd never go in to work if I had this view.

Lots of rafters out on the river. Not surprising
given that it was over 100 degrees. Thank
god the terrace was shaded and fairly cool.

The honoree.

The star-of-the-show (son of the party hostess).

A portion of their amazing garden--a forest
of artichokes.


the cheerful pessimist said...

People actually LIVE in places like this? And they bought it for like 80-grand, right?


Can you eat artichokes straight off the vine, or the stem, or whatever, or do you have to do something to them first? Mmm, artichokes.

Okay, I need lunch. Bye.

Auto Ethnographer said...

While it's true that this was a multi-mil house, there are some in that area, w/similar views that you could probably pick up for 800 grand. But they've only got one bathroom--for that price I'd want at least 4. You most definitely cannot (or would not want)to eat arti"choke"s off the vine. But they are great grilled, roasted and/or steamed. Yum.