Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday was so much fun and so relaxing that I practically forgot the semester wasn't yet over. I called my mom and chatted with her (the big news was that it had hailed the night before--Houston in mid-May, wow). Then we headed downtown, all four of us, to brunch. We followed that up by a loooong walk around the most important park in town, where the flora--and some human fauna--were in fine form (a police/protest scene was pretty exciting--I managed to take a few photos I can use for my paper next November). Then we strolled over to our favorite downtown cyber-cafe shop for Mexican hot chocolate and mochas. Later in the afternoon, MP1 and I went out shopping near the house, where I bought a great panini-pan (which came with two gorgeous red oven mitts).
Starting the day off right; drinking my daily dose of veggies.
Presents! Spa in a bag!
Look at these tiny little bananas!
I need some of these for my yard.
The rose garden was gorgeous
My new all-clad panini press. I could have gotten it for
free if I'd bought the entire all-clad package for $750.00.
Do people actually DO that???

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missblue said...

Wait, wait - which park is this? And where did you get the Mexican hot chocolate? (Have you been to Ginger Elizabeth's? She has great drinking chocolate, but you practically need a fork. Yum.)