Saturday, April 12, 2008


So, I arrived in conference city two days ago, endured a four (yes, 4!) hour board meeting the first night, then barely slept afterwards, since I was still cobbling together the last half of my paper. I got up the next morning at the crack of dawn and finished it (more or less--okay, less) and headed over from the hotel to the campus. The session I was chairing was pretty well attended, had lots of good papers, including one that I was very impressed with (and that actually provided all the answers to the essay question I just handed out in my grad seminar). The presenter is a 2nd year doctoral student at UC Riverside and had a brilliant grasp of contemporary French social theory and critical ethnography. Also, one of our undergrads was in my session and did a really impressive job, as well. The campus here has lots of great trees. And apparently an aboretum that I'll have to go find. I took the photo below on my first stroll across campus on Thursday evening. Pretty amazing. We don't have these trees where I live.


MP2 said...

When did you leave and when are you back? looks fun.

got my suit in the HUGE box, thanks!

Auto Ethnographer said...

Left Thursday, got back about two hours ago. I am near brain-dead. BUT, nice campus--big music program with a super impressive performing arts center. Glad the suit arrived okay. Good luck on your performance--I know you'll have fun. Next year, I'm flying out to see it:)