Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mid-Winter Harvest

I've almost swallowed yesterday's bitter pill (okay, not really, but it's absolutely essential that I to turn my attention elsewhere). Such as, the grapefruit tree that I picked pretty clean on Thursday--a week ago exactly--while the chili was cooking. Last spring, I gave this tree quite a pruning to try and get some of the branches up off the ground and more generally, in order to give it shape. At the time, I wondered how much of the potential fruit yield I was trimming away in order to have a prettier tree. I'm certainly feeling no regrets. I hauled in about 3 dozen grapefruit. Not bad for a dwarf tree that had its canopy raised several feet and endured some severe daylighting. The thing that I really love about grapefruit (besides the taste), is that it is so obvious when it is ripe. It either drops right from the tree or just pops off the stem with a gentle tug. Ripe oranges are more ambiguous about their maturity. (Okay, that sorta sounds like I'm talking about a young woman with an eating disorder, doesnt' it?) I did have to leave a few pieces of fruit on the tree--they clearly were not ready to be picked, but for the most part, I have no complaints (and lots of juice).

I was about half-way through harvesting the fruit
when I realized I hadn't taken a before photo. So,
here's an "almost before" photo.

And here's an after photo. That's a dwarf
orange peeking through from behind.

And, half the bunch in the sink for a scrubbing.

Yum, the daily dose of vitamin c.

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