Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Riding the Rails

MP1 and I made our great escape today. Even though I've been dropping family and friends at our local Amtrak station more than a decade, I'd never seen the inside of it until today. The ceiling is gorgeous, and the rest of building is not bad, either (but San Diego's train station takes the state prize in this category, hands down). I took along the November 2007 issue of AE for reading. I finished the lead article by Sally Price, which I could have used in my museum class this past semester and an equally good review essay by Emily Martin, but I must admit that I was constantly distracted by the countryside. The wetlands along the way were flush with migratory birds and it was fascinating to see all the duck hunting camps out there in the middle of nowhere.
Two depots along the route, both photographed through the train window.

A beautiful succulent spilling over the sidewalk.

The shopping district du jour. A real pedestrian scale with lofts and condominiums overhead. (Great lunch at PF Chang's and wonderful shopping the rest of the afternoon; lots of New Year's Day sales.)

Homeward bound. Sunset over Golden Gate Bridge (below). The glare from the train window makes it difficult to see here, but it was a truly gorgeous view. Photo taken from MP1's iPhone.

Another iPhone view of the bay at dusk (below).

A great day and way to ring in the New Year.

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